Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Things I Love: Juicy Rock

Juicy Rock would have to be one of my favourite accessory stores. It has an online store and an in real life one in the Shinjuku  and Yurakucho Lumine in Tokyo.

I have only bought a couple of things from them. The rest of the time I just salivate over their products.

I bought these gorgeous studs with an "a" on them, you guessed it, for "Amelia". They came beautifully wrapped and the postage is included in the price so no extra surprises at the check out. I think their stuff tends to be on the small side. As a foreigner in Japan I see a lot of jewelry that is so TINY it is barely even there. If I tried to wear it, it would look ridiculous. But I think I can get away with the items form Juicy Rock. 

At the time of writing this they are having a 10% off sale until December 24th, so get shopping!

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