Thursday, 12 January 2012

We're Back

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! 
Well it has been several months since I last posted. I really just didn't get around to it with Christmas preparations, New Years preparations and Amelia's new habit of rolling over and waking up every 5 minutes which means I kind of have to hold her down until she falls asleep properly or she will roll over and wake herself up again. 

So what have we been doing? Not much that is of interest I would have to say. But 2 days ago Amelia turned 7 months. She has her 2 bottom teeth now which is super cute and I think she is getting some more judging by her grumpiness and gnawing at things. She also seems to warming up for crawling by the way she tries to get up on her hands and knees now. 

Today we had the 2nd big earthquake so far this year. We also had one on New Years day. Today was a magnitude 5.8, 19 km deep and only 22kms away from Iwaki city. So it was a very sudden and rattly shake. Poor Basti was cowering under my chair for quite a while.  Amelia was watching her music videos on our iPad and barely batted an eyelid, apart from looking at me and wondering why I suddenly grabbed onto her! We haven't had any more since then, fingers crossed that was the action for the day.

Last photo for today is Amelia showing her new skill of eating teething biscuits, though most go on her face, hands, bib and the floor, much to Basti's delight.


  1. You have an absolutely gorgeous daughter. She's seriously and honestly gorgeous. And that floral headband is the cutest I've seen.

    Also, your dog! Probably the coolest dog ever. Love his little outfit he's wearing towards the top right side of your blog.

    I read what your sister wrote and the photos really got me, I didn't know they were living in such tight conditions, I wish this type of stuff were on the news. The way she wrote what she saw. Just really moved me. I also had no idea you lived in Fukushima. I'm so sorry.: ( I'm glad you live in an area you all could return home. : )

  2. Hi Gina, thanks for your message and kind words. :) For us here in Fukushima the reality of life is quite different from what people in other places imagine, I expect. Some places, like here, are hardly affected by radiation, other places like Fukushima City it is a different story. I hope to be able to continue some of the work my sister started, soon :)