Wednesday, 5 October 2011

What a year

Well tomorrow is my birthday. I'm not telling you all fishing for birthday messages. It is just that exactly one year ago tomorrow there were big things going on in Gaijin Housewife Land and I can't help but reminisce.

This time last year we had just moved to our awesome new house (which then turned out to be our awesome new house in a disaster zone). My sister and her husband had come to stay. I was desperate to get pregnant and some of you will remember my rantings in clomid induced craziness. That was fun. Then there was my birthday last year when I thought we had been unsuccessful AGAIN and I think I spent some of it crying and feeling very sorry for myself. Then the next day for some reason I thought I would do a test and for the first time ever saw that little thin pink line that today is a nearly 4 month old little munchkin called Amelia! But I couldn't tell you all that until later.

So a lot has happened to me in the last one year that is for sure. I'm kind of hoping the next year will be rather more calm than the last one has been. 


  1. Gosh she is growing FAST! And SO cute!'s amazing what can happen in a year. A year used to seem like a long time but now that I'm getting older...a year is nothing anymore...

  2. Oh...shucks...I forgot to add...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  3. Bareback dog riding- giggle giggle. She wont be able to get away with that soon! Love the comparisons in that adorable dress.

    Belated birthday wishes.

  4. hi Gaijin wife'! thanks for the belated bday wishes. I think Amelia and Basti are nearly the same weight now, so not very fair of her to sit on him any more.

  5. oh yeah, and that dress is from Pumpkin Patch and was on sale for $20 or something crazy like that!