Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mountain Girls

Uh oh.
Japanese women seem to be discovering hiking in droves.

We have seen the Golfing Boom.

The Farming Boom.

And now the Mountain Girls.

The first and most important thing to become a Mountain Girl is, of course, to have the right fashion.

There seems to be a general increase in interest in outdoor activities in Japan with the economic down turn. The economic down turn does not however women spending money on clothes for their new hobby. The "Must have item" appears to be the "Yama suka-to" or the Mountain skirt...and a pair of brightly coloured and patterned tights or leggings.

I grew up in areas synonymous with hiking and mountain climbing. I have all the gear (I think I asked for a 80L backpack for my 17th birthday and a -20 degree down sleeping bag for Christmas). None of it matches anything else and I would never have been caught dead wearing a skirt in the bush. 

I hope that the girls of Japan don't discover camping....


  1. At least they are taking on GOOD hobbies (least they are doing it for the hiking and not the cute clothes....). I'm not much of a trend watcher, but I don't think any of the American trends are nature related activities. I'm sure eco-friendly is hot somewhere, but not clothes that you only use when doing an activity.

    Last year, for my birthday, all I wanted/got was a good pair of hiking boots, and a trip to Cumberland Falls. I couldn't ask for anything more.

  2. i actually bought a skirt like that last summer after working on the top of mt fuji and seeing TONS of "mountain girl" fashion. having worn it to then climb mt fuji, i have to say: the skirt is actually a nice piece of clothing for anyone who does any decent amount of hiking. it works alone in the warmer areas and with running tights in the cooler climates.

    what i dislike is the people who hike once a year and go out and buy the whole matching outfit, just to be cute and "trendy" like many trend-followers likely do. but, i have seen way too many idiots out climbing with inadequate gear (be it layers or footwear or headwear/sun protection) so i guess at least i can't complain about them having proper gear for the activity. my guess is those "mountain girls" aren't really in it for the hiking though...

  3. Another hilarious post. I too grew up hiking and none of my stuff matches either - isn't it sacreligious? It must be hard to keep a straight face when you run into these girls on the mountain. Glad to hear they're hiking though, in S. Korea I couldn't find any girls to hike with me since they weren't "strong" enough, only being girls.