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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Kano Sisters

I have been fascinated by these two women for a while now, and I finally decided to find out more about them. They pop up on various TV shows and commercials regularly, always attired as if they are off to...well I'm not exactly sure, where do you go dressed like this.At first I was rather appalled by the constant show of flesh as even I, who am similarly "endowed", can't keep my eyes off their cleavage. There are a lot of "Breast talent" women on TV here, in that I mean, quite possibly the only reason they are on TV is that they have quite large breasts. These women's breasts (since they are on TV) are pretty much deemed public property, in that anyone can talk about them as if they were some kind of separate entity, cameras do close ups on them for no apparent reason...makes me real mad.

Anyway, these two seem to manage the negative male attention very well. They are always extremely polite on screen, even when everyone else is being somewhat disgusting or trying to demean them.
Personally I think the point they are trying to make, is that one should make the most of what one has. They were (allegedly) born with the genes for fantastic breasts, curvy bodies and long legs so why should they try to conform to the stick figure type ideal in Japan when that is completely impossible for them? Here! Here!

As I watched them more, and heard what they have to say, I have to admit, I became somewhat of a fan.
Well, for one thing, they have endless amounts of self esteem, which one would need a lot of if one wants to do what they do. OK so they produce coffee table type books of collections of mostly nude photos of themselves. Which are apparently mostly bought by... women.

They seem to have a huge female fan base, who love them for their individuality and frank sexuality - also VERY thin on the ground here.
These women were greeted by screaming female fans on the last show I saw them on and have the second most popular blog on Amoeba (major Japanese blogging site). Now that I find interesting as I would have assumed that women would be very negative about them.

But the thing is they don't seem to pander to men as such. One sleazy TV show host I saw got a look of complete "incomprehension" from one of them when he started being base, which I thought was quite an effective way to shut him down, rather than being outraged or indignant.
They have an ever changing entourage of young good looking foreign guys who they discard/retire (?) like yesterday's dress. They encourage women to be themselves, not just a wife. I'm sure it's as they say, that most Japanese men are extremely intimidated by them.

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Blogger Kelly said...

I've heard of them but didn't know much about them. I'm really glad they have a big female following, and I feel glad they have great self esteem.

I know, living in western countries if you aren't size dot you get looked down on quite a lot.

I'm a curvy woman with big breasts, and luckily my hubby loves it. I have no plans to change it anyway.

I just wish more women were happy with their assets instead of putting themselves through hell about the way they look.

I'm going to keep my eye out for these sisters. :)

Very interesting post, I enjoyed it!

13 May 2009 at 16:46  
Anonymous mcalpine said...

Im not intimidated by them!

23 February 2010 at 16:20  

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